October 24, 2019

Musical Missionaries - Jay Newman & Joshua Stump

Musical Missionaries - Jay Newman & Joshua Stump

Jay Newman is an Arkansas boy who has spent his adult life as a music promoter, manager, songwriter, and missionary. He has a reputation of agitating people particularly on issues of theology. You can follow Jay on twitter at @big_dread, even though he hasn't had dreadlocks in over five years.

Joshua Stump is a pastor, church planter, licensed spiritual director, and owner of the Smoker's Abbey cigar lounge. Josh has spent his life in ministry on the margins, bringing the gospel to the disenfranchised corners of culture and empowering the gifts of those discarded in the dark corners of culture. Josh likes to discuss enneagrams and has been called a modern mystic monk. You can follow Josh on twitter at @monkstump.

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